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Market Entry to China

Initial Market Entry Evaluation

Our expertise will help you assess the true potential and associated challenges of your target market for your products, services and technology. It will cover the target customers and competitors, the potential market information, the possible market strategies, the business environment and more. This initial report will give you valuable information and our recommendations, based upon which you can make a sound decision for the next steps.


Market Entry Strategy

The correct point of market entry is a key step in establishing, changing, or growing your presence in China, and there are many paths at your disposal. Whether you wish to establish a subsidiary, find and pursue a joint venture

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partner, invest in an M&A project, or rapidly and compliantly setup a presence in a foreign market, we offer best-fit alternatives to align with your strategy and business model.


We will enable you to find the correct pathway, demystifying the challenges and opportunities by way of visiting the target market and via further market research, including analyzing big data, visiting and assessing local clients, competitors, marketing platforms, sales channels, and suppliers.


Business Development

We help international businesses enter the Chinese market by establishing and managing their on-the-ground operations before formal subsidiaries are registered. This allows a critical period of market learning with full operational flexibility before committing to a specific structure, location, business model and partnership.


Company Set Up in China

A local presence is always the best way to realize the full market potential of your business. Once your Business development strategy is proven and you are ready to do so, we can work with you to set up a local entity, office and platform.

We can help you with company registration, outsource accounting and the HR/recruitment process, including connecting you with legal professionals for IP & patent issues.  Our extensive network will help your local entity grow.

Market Entry to the UK

The United Kingdom is one of the world´s most open and advanced places to do business and run a company. Let us help you establish your business and grow.


With a population approaching 70 million, it is the second-largest economy in Europe and the sixth-largest globally. This market offers significant opportunities for companies which provide high-quality and innovative solutions, truly understand the requirements of UK customers and have an excellent strategy in place. If you are a Chinese company looking

to set up in the UK, our dedicated team of international expansion specialists can help develop your global footprint smoothly and efficiently.

London Abstract

Despite Brexit, the UK remains the first step for many Chinese companies entering the wider European market and with the newly signed free trade agreements, it has the potential to be the ‘anchor stop’ for your global expansion ambition. The language, legal system, economy, financial hub, transportation links and culture are only some of the reasons why the UK is viewed by many as the most important of all the markets.


Whether you are making your first exploratory business trip to the UK or are already more established with an office and employees, we can help you maximize your potential.  Our experience and research indicate that many inward-investing companies miss out on some of the most valuable business opportunities and overlook certain compliance obligations when operating their business in the UK.  Whether from a business or regulatory perspective our local team can assist you.

We will help you undertake market research on potential clients and locations, identify and engage with suitable local partners and access the correct services including visa, corporate structuring, entity setup, opening local business bank accounts, regulatory compliance, Know Your Client etc. Your local business platform will be ready for when your expat arrives or your new local employee is onboard.  

De-risk your UK activities with our cost-effective and flexible services; our pragmatic and success-oriented approach will ensure your swift success in the UK.

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